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Birmingham Sealcoating

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Sealcoating acts as a driveway sealer that will protect your driveway for years to come. Water infiltration combined with extreme weather can cause cracks in roads and driveways over time. Frozen water seepage will expand and create cracks that grow larger. Oxidation caused by the sun’s  UV rays dries the concrete and produces cracks and even potholes. Additionally, normal automobile usage will wear down the integrity of a driveway or road, and automobile fluid spillage will deteriorate the surface as well. Sealcoating can be your solution! Call Birmingham Sealcoating and we will take expert care of these needs.

Depending on the paving surface and the amount of traffic your paving surface sees, costs vary widely with seal coating so consulting a professional paving contractor from Hoover Asphalt Repair is the right move! There are several options of sealer available, all with their pros and cons. Seal coating asphalt is sometimes done by homeowners with great success but anyone dealing with chemicals and tools they aren’t familiar with should be avoided and you should call an experienced paving contractor to know your options. There are several things you need to know before picking the proper seal coat sealant. How long it takes to apply, how long it lasts, how durable it is, all affect pricing of sealant. Make sure you discuss a seal coating schedule to understand how and when your paving surfaces will need sealant again. Our paving contractors have years of experience seal coating Birmingham's many streets, parking lots, and driveways! Call or contact us today for a free consultation and quote from one of our paving contractors! Don’t forget other concrete and asphalt surfaces other than driveways and parking lots that need repair or maintenance over the years. Seal coating a walkway or patio may need it much less often but will still be needed over time. Basement flooring many times is paved or poured concrete. It will help keep the integrity and value of the house higher if you maintain the floor with a good seal coat. Sports courts many times are made with concrete or asphalt and need to be properly maintained and repaired to not only keep the paving surface repaired and maintained but for the safety of those using the court. Asphalt roofing and shingles also need seal coating so make sure you stay on top of seal coating your roof. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and quote from an experienced paving contractor!

asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep
asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep

Homeowners rave about our services! Feel free to ask for an extensive list of reviews and referrals from our satisfied customers. Some enjoy a more beautiful entry or driveway or parking lot appearance. However, others received solutions by the Hoover Asphalt Repair team that made their homes continue to be accessible even after physical limitations prevented them from stair usage.

Sealcoating services provided:


Sealcoating Driveway

Sealcoating Asphalt

•Sealcoating and Striping

•Sealcoating Concrete Driveway

Sealcoating Parking Lot

•Sealcoating over Gravel

•Sealcoating Pavement

•Sealcoating Roads

Driveway Coating

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