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Concrete Constructions

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Concrete repair services are inevitable. No material is indestructible. Concrete is tough and lasts for many, many years. Damage is unavoidable. There are many reasons that your concrete spaces are in disrepair or are damaged. Cracks, breaks, chips, fractures, and erosion are just some of the things that can happen to your concrete surface that might need concrete repair. Hoover Asphalt Repair is a full-service residential and commercial company that does interior, exterior, sidewalks, driveways, and many other concrete area repairs. We specialize in concrete quick fixes, concrete repair, and concrete maintenance and can get a concrete contractor out to give you a quote in no time! When looking for concrete repair services near me, look no further. We are the best concrete repair Birmingham can find!


There are so many things that can go wrong and cause damage to your concrete surfaces. Cracks can form in your concrete for many different reasons. Cracks can be small patches that are cheap and quick or could be a sign of a much larger underlying problem. Our expert concrete contractors can assess the damage and give you a professional, qualified assessment of where to go next. If it is a sign of a larger problem, there can be any number of reasons this might have happened. If the concrete mixture was incorrect, to begin with or if there is too much pressure or weight on the surface it will mean a possible concrete replacement and a new strategy for your concrete installation.

For your outside concrete surfaces, weather plays a large part in your concrete wear and tear. Depending on where you live, the weather can cause concrete damage faster than some other areas of the country. The heat, cold, rain, and destructive elements all put stress on your concrete surfaces. The concrete experts in Birmingham can solve any concrete repair problems due to weather. Our professional concrete contractors will give you an honest assessment of your concrete repair project. Contact the best concrete services in Birmingham today!


Accidents happen. Over the years your concrete surfaces will see a lot of those accidents occur. No matter what the cause of the damage is, Hoover Asphalt Repair can fix it! Our expert concrete service contractors have seen just about every break, chip, and crack due to damage you can think of. No matter how large or how small, we can handle the concrete repair project. Contact the concrete repair experts at Hoover Asphalt Repair  today to get a free assessment!

Smoothing Concrete
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Homeowners rave about our services! Feel free to ask for an extensive list of reviews and referrals from our satisfied customers. Some enjoy a more beautiful entry or driveway or parking lot appearance. However, others received solutions by the Hoover Asphalt Repair team that made their homes continue to be accessible even after physical limitations prevented them from stair usage.

Concrete services provided:


•Concrete Replacement

Concrete Removal

•Cracked Concrete

Concrete Driveway

•Concrete Sidewalk

•Concrete Walkway

•Concrete Slab

•Concrete Patio

•Concrete Walls

Concrete Foundation

Pouring Concrete from Above
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