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Birmingham Excavating & Demolition Contractors

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Hoover Asphalt Repair is the first land-clearing company you need to call for all your land-clearing needs! We offer land-clearing services and lot-clearing services for the greater Birmingham area and beyond. Our company has more than 23 years of experience in the industry. Hoover Asphalt Repair is completely qualified to handle all your land-clearing needs.


Commercial land clearing and site preparation are a priority to Hoover Asphalt Repair! We know that time is money for the business owner. And the longer it takes you to open your business, the longer it takes you to make a profit. You can count on us if you are closely following a construction deadline and you need to receive results instead of just promises. Keeping our word is the foundation of Hoover Asphalt Repair's reputation. Our estimated finish times are calculated with accuracy. Hoover Asphalt Repair refuses to disappoint!


If you’re looking to build your dream home, we can assist you with lot clearing or site clearing. We are able to execute your complete site preparation. Residential land clearing is one of our specialties at Hoover Asphalt Repair. Survey line clearing is available for customers who are just in the beginning stages of the building process. Fence line clearing for fences of all dimensions is made possible with the professionals at Hoover Asphalt Repair!


​Contact a courteous member of our team and we will arrive at your site on time, armed with solutions for your land-clearing needs. The staff at Hoover Asphalt Repair will carefully listen to all of your ideas to formulate a timely action plan so that your new home, business, or project can be completed on schedule. You can count on Hoover Asphalt Repair to help you stay on track!

asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep

Services we offer:


Homeowners rave about our services! Feel free to ask for an extensive list of reviews and referrals from our satisfied customers. Some enjoy a more beautiful entry or driveway or parking lot appearance. However, others received solutions by the Hoover Asphalt Repair team that made their homes continue to be accessible even after physical limitations prevented them from stair usage.

Birmingham's Best Excavating Contractor

For remodelers, both professional and amateur, Hoover Asphalt Repair offers structural demolition and wrecking, as well as complete teardowns. If you’re in the process of completing your renovation, call Hoover Asphalt Repair for debris removal, refuse removal, or asphalt removal. We offer land clearing solutions and demolition for professional builders or do-it-yourselfers.


​ Sometimes the wrong house is on the right lot. Contact us to clear the lot so your dream home construction can commence. Even if you only need a haul-away, call Hoover Asphalt Repair. We can demolish or remove any item that impedes your progress. Superior service is our goal! We become invested in your dreams too. We are ready to accommodate you!


Hoover Asphalt Repair is ready for all your general tree services!  Let us take care of your tree removal and brush removal. We are among the first to respond to natural disasters at Hoover Asphalt Repair. You can count on us for fallen tree removal and dead tree removal. We will be accessible when others won’t answer the phone. Contact us for speedy, excellent results. Hoover Asphalt Repair's staff is standing by!

Sometimes complete tree removal is not the solution you’re most desiring. We can even address issues such as damaged and diseased tree limb removal. Keep your favorite trees verdant and intact. Tree topping is also an option for property owners who have foliage that has grown out of control. We are able to safely manage those trees while keeping them healthy and vigorous. Your favorite shade trees and fruit trees are safe in the capable hands of Hoover Asphalt Repair.

asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep
#1 in Customer Service
#1 in Response Rate
#1 Asphalt Contractor in Birmingham
Birmingham's Top Site Removal Company

There’s no need to fret! We will have you enjoying your property in no time without worries when you contact the experts at Hoover Asphalt Repair.


​Allow Hoover Asphalt Repair to address your stump removal and root removal problem. Save your sidewalk and your foundation. Remove the roots of unwanted trees! Stumps of fallen trees can be quite an eyesore. And underneath concrete, roots can cause irreparable damage to sidewalks and foundations. Let Hoover Asphalt Repair provide you with land-clearing solutions. Let us address the problem before it’s too late!


If you have a landscaping plan in mind, Hoover Asphalt Repair can assist you in shrub removal, bush hogging, and even bush moving and shrub moving. We can clear property or move shrubbery so that you can rearrange all your favorite landscaping accents. Your yard will look exactly as you wish in no time!


Our customers with large parcels of land love Hoover Asphalt Repair's performance with their farms or other acreage. You will love being able to maximize the use of your land after your field clearing is performed with superior workmanship by Hoover Asphalt Repair's professionals. Have us clear pastures so that your livestock can roam more freely! Enjoy the land you have worked so hard to own. See more of your rolling hills and lush terrain. We are capable of handling wood clearing, underbrush clearing, and we can provide a mulcher or perform brush chipping so that you can repurpose the foliage you want removed. Use your own natural resources to create a healthier earth! Have the best of both worlds- make your property more beautiful while saving money!


Let Hoover Asphalt Repair make your hunting club the envy of all your friends! Hunting access lines can be made obvious and easy to locate with Hoover Asphalt Repair's forest clearing services. Do you have a vision for your land? Create the adventure you’ve been waiting to experience! Share your ideas with our qualified professionals and watch us even improve on your greatest hopes! Begin a journey that will bring joy to your generations to come. Our brush cutters and other lot cleaning services can transform your land into the retreat of your dreams- a real hunter’s paradise!


Excavation and trench excavation are among the other services that Hoover Asphalt Repair can assist you with. There is no job too big or too small for the folks at Hoover Asphalt Repair. We treat each project with equal respect regardless of our bottom line. You can trust Hoover Asphalt Repair. Twenty-three years in the business has prepared veteran-owned Hoover Asphalt Repair to execute your land solutions of all varieties. 


​Call Hoover Asphalt Repair for a refreshing experience! We will deliver on our promises and provide you with results that are sure to satisfy. Today is the day to start making your dream a reality! Contact Hoover Asphalt Repair today for a no-obligation quote on your project. Our team is standing by, ready to take your call.

#1 Asphalt Contractor in Georgia
Birmingham's #1 Demolition Service

Whether you need a complete home removal, leveling of a large building, or demolishing of an entire shopping mall, Hoover Asphalt Repair has a track record for safe and cost-effective production for your demolition needs. From implosion to more traditional methods, Hoover Asphalt Repair has the expertise to make sure you have a safe and complete demolition.


Residences sometimes become condemned or become damaged from a natural disaster such as flooding or fire. From the front porch to the attic, we have knocked down walls, ripped out porches, and leveled houses. No job is too small or too large.


Larger structures such as condemned office buildings abandoned strip malls, and schools have been replaced, Hoover Asphalt Repair has demolished all. Some structures become hazardous and are removed carefully so as to not contaminate the public. We strive to keep the environment and the community safe while we complete your project. After the site has been demolished, cleanup crews will sort and recycle as many materials as they can.


Interior demolition can run you anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000. Taking a home down to the studs and completely demolishing interior walls and ceilings is a dangerous and costly job. Asbestos or lead paint projects have added requirements and fees for permits and licensing. Knowing where plumbing and electrical lines are is of vital importance and usually requires a demolition expert. Hoover Asphalt Repair can handle interior demolition as well as structural foundation removal. Most interior demolitions don’t involve removing all floors, walls, and ceilings. Experienced demolition experts like the ones at Hoover Asphalt Repair know how to do a proper interior demo without damaging remaining walls, flooring, and ceilings. Commercial interior demolition needs to meet different building codes and construction requirements so the price is usually slightly higher than that of residential interior demolition. 


Interior demolition pricing is determined by room and material being removed. This can consist of removing an entire home, a room, or just a wall or floor. Materials being removed range from tile flooring to drywall. Structures such as cabinets or attached furniture, add labor and debris removal costs. Larger structures or fixtures such as fireplaces and bathtubs have their own added cost to demo and remove from the site. 


Demolition isn’t the only way to remove interior structures or entire buildings. Deconstruction is another option for those who don’t mind spending the extra money and time. Deconstruction involves a controlled method of removal that preserves the majority of materials for future use. This is excellent for the environment and also a tax write off. Demolition is never a project that should be conducted by an amateur. Always consult a professional demolition expert before you start any tear down or remodel project. If you are in the greater Birmingham, call the best demolition expert in town! Call Hoover Asphalt Repair for a free consultation!

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