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Hoover Asphalt Repair

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Hoover Asphalt Repair, Maintenance and Services

Asphalt replacement can be a costly and labor-intensive task but if you take action early the costs can be greatly reduced and it will extend the life of your asphalt surface. Everyday wear and tear will eventually wear down the sealant and cracks or chips will start to form. Larger events such as accidents, weather, or caving will cost much more and need immediate care. We have been Birmingham's top contractor for asphalt repair and repaving projects for many years. Our expert paving contractors can assist you with an evaluation of your project, and offer a preliminary quote if you wish to have your paving job started. Labor is a large determining factor when assessing a job’s initial cost. The machinery and time it takes to patch, seal, or fill holes and cracks are all determined by the size and level of damage done to your asphalt surface. If removal and replacement of sections are required, the expense gets costly. Material costs will determine another large portion of your costs. Brick and paver driveways are much more expensive than asphalt or concrete to replace. Our paving contractors have extensive experience assessing and evaluating paving projects and will give you an honest quote. Paving can become very expensive if you don’t address small issues when you first see them. Our paving contractors can tell you the best way to care for and maintain your asphalt paving surface and help keep your costs down. Most paving problems will require a sealant coat after the paving repair is done. Hoover Asphalt Repair’s professional paving contractors have been servicing Birmingham's seal coating needs and know the best type of protection for your paving surface based on our region, the weather, and traffic in the greater Birmingham area. Getting the proper seal coating sealant is crucial to the life of your paving surface. Our paving contractors can advise you on the type of seal coat sealant and the number of coats of sealant you will need.  No matter the size of your paving needs, we have the greater Birmingham area covered! Call or contact us today for a free consultation! Our highly trained paving contractor will come to your paving site and give you an evaluation and a free preliminary quote on your paving contractor project.

asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep

The Hoover Asphalt Repair team offers a comprehensive range of asphalt installation and remediation. Call Hoover Asphalt Repair and a team member will provide you with accurate, efficient solutions to your asphalting projects or needs. Multiple services are available, but please don’t hesitate to inquire if your particular issue is not listed.

Asphalt services provided but not limited to:


•Asphalt paving

•Asphalt patching

•Asphalt driveway installation

•Asphalt resurfacing

•Asphalt driveway cost estimates

•Asphalt driveway sealer/ sealcoating

•Asphalt driveway contractors/ professionals

•Asphalt driveway crack repair

•Asphalt sealer

•Asphalt seal coating

•Asphalt repair

•Asphalt parking lot repair

•Asphalt parking lot cost estimates

•Asphalt road paving

•Asphalt repair driveway

•Asphalt repair solutions

•Asphalt repair epoxy

•Asphalt overlay

asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep
asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep
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asphalt, paving, concrete, services, rep
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