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Concrete Crushing & Recycling

Alabaster Asphalt & Concrete

"We've got You covered."
Alabaster Asphalt & Concrete Company

Hoover Asphalt Repair has been Alabaster's best asphalt paving contractor for over twenty years! Our expert paving contractors can answer your questions and concerns for your next paving project. From asphalt repair to driveway installation, Hoover Asphalt Repair has all of Alabaster's paving needs covered! Hoover Asphalt Repair is more than capable of handling jobs small or large. Residential, commercial, and industrial paving services are no challenge for us. We have filled small cracks in driveways and we have installed entire parking lots so contact us today no matter the size of the paving project! We have been proudly serving the Alabaster area and take pride in our superior asphalt work. Alabaster residents! Call or contact us today for a free quote!

Constuction Worker
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Concrete services provided:


Concrete Replacement

•Concrete Removal

Cracked Concrete

Concrete Driveway

•Concrete Sidewalk

•Concrete Walkway

•Concrete Slab

•Concrete Patio

•Concrete Walls

Concrete Foundation



​​•Asphalt paving

•Asphalt patching

Asphalt driveway installation 

•Asphalt resurfacing

•Asphalt driveway cost estimates 

Asphalt driveway sealer/ sealcoating 

•Asphalt driveway contractors/ professionals 

•Asphalt driveway crack repair

•Asphalt sealer

Asphalt sealcoating

Asphalt repair

Asphalt parking lot repair 

•Asphalt parking lot cost estimates 

•Asphalt road paving 

Asphalt repair driveway

•Asphalt repair solutions

•Asphalt repair epoxy

•Asphalt overlay

Driveway Repair:

​​​•Driveway pavers

Driveway sealcoating

•Driveway joint sealant

•Jet black driveway sealcoating

•Driveway replacement

•Tar driveway repair

Concrete driveway repair

•Driveway paving design

•Driveway patch

Asphalt driveway sealcoating

•Driveway crack sealer

•Driveway solutions

•Driveway resurfacing

•Driveway reconfigurations

•Semi-circular driveways 

•Main level entry solutions for two story homes

Parking Lot Repair:

Parking lot repair

Parking lot striping

•Parking lot repair companies

•Parking lot asphalt repair

•Parking lot dent repair

•Parking lot repair cost

•Asphalt parking lot repair specifications

•Parking lot drain repair

•Gravel parking lot repair

•Parking lot repair notice signage

•Parking lot scratch repair

Parking lot pothole repair

Pavement installation 

Concrete installation 

Concrete parking lot repair

•Gravel parking lot repair

Reinforcing Steel
Concrete Bucket & Trowel

Concrete Sawing:

Pothole Repair:​

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Concrete Repair/ Concrete Installation:

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#1 in Response Rate
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#1 Asphalt Contractor in Georgia
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