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Birmingham Concrete Installation Company

Concrete is an excellent choice for almost any surface in or around your home. When the time comes for a replacement of an existing concrete structure or you are starting out, our expert concrete installation experts at Hoover Asphalt Repair are here to put your mind at ease! Concrete installation is a very specific and delicate process because if the original concrete mixture is inferior, it won’t be long before you are calling our concrete repair service line. So why not get it done right the first time? Don’t go with inferior concrete installation companies in Birmingham! Go with the concrete installation experts you can trust! Call Hoover Asphalt Repair  today for a free assessment of your concrete installation project.


There are many material options for the installation of your driveways, patios, sidewalks, and walkways. Deciding which material to go with can be difficult because all have their advantages and disadvantages. Concrete installation is many times chosen for the strength that concrete has to offer. Concrete is strong and built to last. Concrete can last decades in the right conditions and if installed properly, to begin with. Damage to concrete installations is not as common as with other materials meaning that upkeep and maintenance are at a reduced cost compared to other materials. Because of its strength, concrete installations are favored in many different conditions and for many places around your home or business. If the concrete installation is the option that is best for you, use the best concrete installation company in Birmingham! Call Hoover Asphalt Repair today for a free concrete installation consultation!


Concrete is also favored by many due to its versatility. Due to its flexibility, concrete can look a multitude of ways. With processes like staining and stamped concrete, the options for decorative concrete installation are almost endless. Being one of the more affordable materials to choose for concrete installation, making it look attractive doesn’t come at too much of a higher cost. Decorative concrete installation options are an excellent choice for entertainment areas and patios. Concrete driveways can be decorated in all types of patterns and colors. Concrete driveway installations are an excellent choice for their versatility, durability, and affordability. Concrete installation is one of the many specialties we perform for you at Hoover Asphalt Repair. Call us today to speak with a concrete installation expert!


We all like to save money. Concrete can be an excellent choice not only for its durability and versatility but for its price as well. Being one of the most affordable materials to use for concrete driveway installation makes it very popular. Concrete patios and concrete walkways are usually favored over many other materials because of the value that concrete provides. Always contact a concrete installation expert before making any decisions. The best concrete installation company in Birmingham is waiting for your call! Hoover Asphalt Repair is ready to assist you with any concrete installation or concrete services projects today!

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Homeowners rave about our services! Feel free to ask for an extensive list of reviews and referrals from our satisfied customers. Some enjoy a more beautiful entry or driveway or parking lot appearance. However, others received solutions by the Hoover Asphalt Repair team that made their homes continue to be accessible even after physical limitations prevented them from stair usage.

Concrete services provided:


•Concrete Replacement

Concrete Removal

•Cracked Concrete

Concrete Driveway

•Concrete Sidewalk

•Concrete Walkway

•Concrete Slab

•Concrete Patio

•Concrete Walls

Concrete Foundation

Concrete Mixing
Concrete Bucket & Trowel
Cement Paving
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