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Birmingham Pothole Repair Company

"We've got You covered."

Potholes are a daily nuisance for a lot of commuters. The wear and tear on cars can quickly add up if you have to travel over roads that are in bad shape. Parking lots can become minefields that are sometimes impossible to navigate without harming your automobile. Whether you are a homeowner looking to repair a sinkhole or a business looking to patch potholes in your parking lot, Hoover Asphalt Repair is your go-to source for pothole repair. Larger contracts for pothole repair on highways, roads, or bridges are also no challenge for Hoover Asphalt Repair. Stop driving like you're in a police chase and call Hoover Asphalt Repair today!

​Repairing a crack or pothole can be very inexpensive but can lead to larger issues down the road if you don’t take care of it early. Poor drainage, sub-base failure, or too many overloadings can cause your existing paving surface to begin to crack. These cracks can lead to further sub-base failure and lead sinkholes or potholes. The cost will continue to increase the larger the problem becomes. Potholes are still relatively inexpensive to repair but the structural damage to your paving surface will become worse faster as cars and trucks repeatedly hit them. One of our experienced paving contractors can assist you with a free consultation so you can move forward on your pothole repair project. After the crack or pothole is repaired you will need to discuss with our paving contractor if seal coating is needed. Seal-coating paving surfaces can extend the life of your paving surface by several years. Birmingham residents call today for a free consultation on your upcoming pothole repair project! Don’t delay and let a small problem become a wallet breaker!


Homeowners rave about our services! Feel free to ask for an extensive list of reviews and referrals from our satisfied customers. Some enjoy a more beautiful entry or driveway or parking lot appearance. However, others received solutions from the Hoover Asphalt Repair  team that made their homes continue to be accessible even after physical limitations prevented them from stair usage.

Pothole Services Include:

  • Pothole Patching

  • Pothole Repair

  • Surface Patching

  • Crack Repair

  • Crack Sealing

  • Spray-injection Patching

  • Sinkhole Repair

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